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    Ann Phelan - Lurker

    Default My friend shared an amazing wh

    My friend shared an amazing white wine I must pass on. It is Rene Barbier Mediteranean White Catalunya by Freixnet. It is 5.00 USD a bottle on Cape Cod and is AMAZING. We buy it buy the case and Mom loves it..

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    Jerry Lurker

    Default Only found in two places in MA

    Only found in two places in MA.

    Nejaime's Wine Cellars
    MA: Lenox. No minimum order. 15% assorted case discounts. Delivery charges apply. Rene Barbier White $3.99 Bottle


    Cape Cod Package Store
    MA: Centerville. Minimum order of 25 USD. 15% discount on wine case purchases. Delivery limited to local Cape Cod area only. Rene Barbier White $4.49 Bottle


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    Ann Phelan - Lurker

    Default Jerry, HOLY SMOKE..what a deal

    Jerry, HOLY SMOKE..what a deal....I can buy it a Patriot's Sq. S. Dennis for 5.99. Luke's Liquor will order it for 6 and change.

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    Boom starts with a Tara Lurker

    Default What a price!!

    What a price!!

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    Vincent Vethaak Lurker

    Default Hi Ann, Is the Freixnet a spa

    Hi Ann,
    Is the Freixnet a sparkling white wine? If it is then is must be a cava wine from Catalonia in northern Spain. These are very good wines and really cheap. Everybody enjoys cava. Cheers.

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