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Thread: Qupe Vineyards is at Trader Joebs

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    I'll always be BOOM here! Lurker

    Default My friend's brother owns Q

    My friend's brother owns Qupe winery and is now making a wine for Trader Joe's... a chardonnay and a syrah (he has won numerous awards for Qupe Syrah).

    The label is VINTJS and the price is $6.99

    I haven't tried it yet but I've certainly had enough Qupe to know it's gonna be good!!!

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    Jerry Lurker

    Default I have tasted it. It's wor

    I have tasted it. It's worth $6,99 but no more. To much candy apple. That taste is sugar added to the wine to push it's ageing. Old trick, but still works.

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    Kate Hickson Lurker

    Default Ewwwww...Bob Lindquist would p

    Ewwwww...Bob Lindquist would put sugar in his wine??

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    J. Lurker

    Default Not cane, but from other grape

    Not cane, but from other grapes that are not used in the press. Very very ripe and sweet.

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