Late summer 2007 - Rumor goes that a group of divers has found a sunken ferry, the Al Qamar, off the coast of Hurghada, Egypt. This wreck is supposedly lying in 85 meters of water. GPS coordinates are published via the Internet.

November 2007 - The Submerge Productions dive team boards the MY Obsession in Hurghada and sets sail for this wreck. Nobody has been able to verify the coordinates. The team is fully prepared: 5 trimix rebreather divers, scooters, 4 support divers, a top side film crew, underwater cameras and two zodiacs. An extensive briefing is organised late at night. Dives are planned up to 180 minutes. Several "what if" scenarios are discussed at length. Everyone knows his role. Time to go to bed.

Will the wreck be found the next morning?

After a short night sleep, the team is woken up by the crew. Bad news - the original coordinates are wrong. But there is hope. The captain has found a location nearby that has a similar depth profile. Will they find the Al Qamar?

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