On February 12, 1865 the wooden passenger ship "Jura" collided with the Swiss ship "Stadt Zurich" and sank within minutes near Bottighoven in Lake Constance. All passengers were rescued by the other ship that had almost no damage.

Cause of the collision was the dense fog making it extremely difficult to navigate without modern navigating equipment.

The "Jura" is a classic wooden steamer with on both sides a typical paddle wheel, which transported passengers from Germany to Switzerland.

The wreck has been well preserved but with the rising popularity of the wreck with divers, it loses details years of years of.

Not only vandalism and trophy hunters ensure destruction. When penetrating the wreck the breathing gases affect the wood, whereby the delicate wooden structure quickly erodes. Even divers with poor diving skills cause much damage. And anchors dropped on the wreck by many dive charters have also taken their toll.

Photos taken at the beginning of this century, therefore, show a different wreck than the one we have seen. We have been careful to pay tribute to this magnificent piece of history.


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