A compilation of video shot over two mornings in the Cape Town area, South Africa.¬* First some free-diving action with the Cape Fur Seals at Seal Island and a shallow wreck in Maori Bay, just round the corner from Hout Bay.¬* A brilliant trip with Steve Benjamin of Animal Ocean.

Second part is a Great White Shark cage dive out of Kleinbaai with Sharklady Adventures.¬* Thanks to Kim for the opportunity to get close to these magnificent animals.¬* I was hugely impressed by the variety of wildlife both in and out of the water around Cape area. It‚??s left me itching to go back for more‚?¶

Technical details for those who are interested- shot on a Canon 5D Mark II in Ikelite housing.¬* Sigma 15mm fisheye for the seals & a Tokina 10-17mm with 1.4x converter for the sharks.¬* No filters, as I was also trying to shoot stills with the seals, with strobes (not much success there due to bigtime backscatter).¬* Manual white balanced at about 5m.¬* Conditions were tricky for photos on both days- quite a bit of particulate matter in the water- especially at the seal site.¬* Sun coming in and out of the clouds, which made exposure tricky.¬* And seals kept blowing bubbles which stuck to the dome!

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