The Gentle Giants of Djibouti: A Short Film on the Whale Sharks in Djibouti, set to music.¬* Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world, supposedly reaching 18 metres in length.¬* They feed on plankton and small fish and are generally approachable by divers and snorkellers and not aggressive.¬* Whale Sharks are found around the globe in tropical and sub-tropical waters.¬* In some parts of the world they are prized for their flesh and fins, and this, combined with boat collisions and net entanglements could be threatening the survival of this magnificent species.

The Gulf of Tadjourah, in Djibouti (East Africa) is among the best places to encounter these gentle giants.¬* During Fergus' visit, in November 2007, they had up to 50 encounters and up to 4 whale sharks in their field of view at a time.

It was not allowed to use lights with the sharks during the night dives, so the photographer made sure to do most of the shooting near the boat‚??s lights.

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