The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago of 7107 tropical islands set in deep blue water that contain some of the richest marine-life systems on earth.¬* It is the second largest archipelago in the world after Indonesia.

Scientists believe that the triangle formed by the Philippines, Peninsular Malaysia and Papa New Guinea is where most of the Pacific‚??s marine organisms evolved before they spread out to colonize other oceans.

This area has the widest variety of marine species in the world.¬* 915 reef fish species ‚?? 60% of the total number of reef fish species worldwide.¬* More than 464 hard coral species ‚?? 50% of the global coral species count.¬* The Philippines truly are a globally important biodiversity heritage area.

So experience the rich Philippine underwater realm as you glide through colorful coral reefs, watch turtles drift through the crystal blue water and marvel at the amazing fish and animal life.

Meet spectacular and rare marine animals like the harlequin ghost pipefish which is almost invisible due to its perfect camouflage, the vibrant colors of harlequin shrimps and nudibranchs or the flamboyant cuttlefish which deposit eggs in coconut shells.

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