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  1. Wie gaat er weer terug verhuizen naar Nederland eind deze maand ? Need help

    ik zit te denken zijn er mensen hier op die misschien binnenkort terug gaan verhuizen naar Nederland ? Of zijn er mensen die andere mensen kennen die terug gaan verhuizen van Bonaire...
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    Looking fore a good bike to buy

    Around the corner where i life is a shop where the sell bikes.
    I ask the sales men if he also have second hand bikes but no he havent.

    Yes there is on bike i have my eye on but that one is 600...
  3. finaly i life on Bonaire. But where is the best tv guide ?

    I know, it sounds strange, but i am not a tourist i live here near ' it rains fisches'.
    Yes i am a happy men, but some times when i am zapping on the televison i see awsomely good great intetesting...
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    finaly i understand it..


    now i understand the problem.... om big big wonderfull god
    And what now? do we need transistors and turn them on ore something?
    Ore should i take just in case some lighters...

    first i was...
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    Thank u verry muche... i always have my eye on...

    Thank u verry muche... i always have my eye on Bonaire Forums and talk boards:)
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    can anyone explain me whats about this forum question?

    I try to understand what kind of problem you talking about.
    But i realy dont understand it yet? Is it about the internet conection on the eland?

    I wonder btway, how fast is the wireless internet?...
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    i have see the picture's now finaly:) its a great...

    i have see the picture's now finaly:) its a great project indeed.
    the are using garbage and make a kind of UFO house from it haha

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    have you make some pics about the strange ship ore stones?

    i wonder
  9. Shall i bring my TV with me ore not... its a great TV

    I am still not sure yet. because its a awsome tv with ambilight.
    I prefer to bring my tv with me afcorse. But will it work on Bonaire?

    And what can i do to let it work so it grants me the same...
  10. Thank you Kaisa and itsamuggame fore helping me out

    that beer offer still stands when i am finaly arive in Bonaire haha.
    Fore both of you... i have a new question i make a topic of it its about my Philps ambilight TV
  11. Do i have to pay a deposit if I am not yet be a inhabitant of Bonaire?

    Thanks to: Kaisa

    I finaly i have arange my moving from the Netherlands to Bonaire.
    But now i have a new question. because a person told me that if i havent yet register me yet in Bonaire. I have...
  12. Haha yes i have heard about it lol. I have there...

    Haha yes i have heard about it lol. I have there phone numbers call them tomorow.
    This is absolutly great news.... and i wont forget that Beer that i have offerd you haha
  13. You make me verry happy

    Thats totaly great that tip of yours.
    I will contact them tomorow. You put the smile on my face.

    Have annyboddy tell you before you are realy helpfull:D

    If i ever meet you on Bonaire... i...
  14. Not easy in Holland to find suche a company

    I googeld and googeld, but its verry hard to find a company ore movers how have protective boxses ore foam to keep my pc save.

    Its a good tip indeed, i try to googel a evening more haha;)

  15. Thank you Ruth

    I have send them a email about my small household.
    I understand from you there are the big boss if we talk about schiping to and in Bonaire?

    Great, i have ask him how i send the best way my...
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    Thank you verry Muche


    Thank you fore helping me out. I hear most people speak Dutche and Enlish.
    But i still whant to learn some Papiomento. Thanks to you i am one step further
  17. Dont tease me if the answer is TO LATE :)

    Uhh yee thanks and good moving to you then.
    I dont ask fore reaction of people to tell me that the container is already full

    I looking fore people, how have a small spot fore my small 2cmb...
  18. translate

    Normally not even have a moving company through my door who left 3cmb "they had converted themselves" I reported that this is 2150 euro. Another mover offered me 1175 euros ... and the latter said...
  19. Kwam op een idee!! Wie kan er een container delen?

    Niet normaal heb zelfs een verhuis bedrijf door me deur gelaten die voor 3cmb"hadden ze zelf omgerekend"mij melde dat dit 2150 euro is. Weer een andere verhuizer bood me 1175 euro... en de laatste...
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    Goedkoop verhuizen naar Bonaire heb 3 cbm

    Ben flink geschrokken van de coruptie die huist onder de verhuizers in Nederland. De eerste verhuizer wilde mijn kleine inboedel verhuizen voor 2150 euro.

    de tweede gaf een offerte van 1175 euro....
  21. some pics from the device i mean...

    ohh and in case you wonder... what is that guy talking about... it looks like this machine withe underneath a sample of the package... i looking fore on the Eland ...

    thanks fore helping me;)
  22. Is it posibel to buy Dolce Gusto cups from Nescaffee... ?

    Shall i bring my coffee machine with me? Ore are there better product like the "Dolce Gusto"i mean the cup machine is realy easy and handy. Pff i am a bit nervous. Just a few months left and i land...
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