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  1. Canadians in Bonaire - 1 Year Temporary Residency

    Calling all Canadians on the Island who are there under a 1 Year Temporary Residency - seeing your expertise/experience!

    1) Did you start the application process for 1 Year Temp Residency BEFORE...
  2. Temporary Residence & Taxes on Bonaire

    HI There!! I have been reading through this thread and noticed you mentioned "We have not done the residency thing yet as we still have to look into Canada/Bonaire Tax Issues"

    We are planning to...
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    3 Month Rental in Early 2022

    Hi All!! My husband and I are planning to escape Canada's Snowy Winter next year and come back to Bonaire for a 3 (or possibly 6) month stay...

    We've been researching accommodations but are...
  4. Interesting!! SMITS you mentioned you have...

    Interesting!! SMITS you mentioned you have Villas that you rent out in Curacao?? We're looking to split our time between Curacao and Bonaire - would love to know if you can share your rental...
  5. Additional Info:

    They also confirmed that you would NOT be required to pay Curacao Taxes under the Overwintering Label!
  6. UPDATE: I emailed the Toelatingsorganisatie...


    I emailed the Toelatingsorganisatie (Admissions Organization) (TO) on Curacao at
    Received a response quite quickly!

    Good news is - Time Spent on Bonaire does...
  7. Thank you for your responses, I'll definitely...

    Thank you for your responses, I'll definitely report back if/when I can find a definitive answer!
  8. Does Time Spent on Bonaire Impact Time Allowed in Curacao, Saba, St Eustatius etc...

    Question - does time spent on Bonaire impact time allowed to be on Curacao, Saba, St Eustatius and vice versa?

    Example -
    As a Canadian I'm normally allowed to visit Bonaire for up to 90 days ...
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    Thank you for the reply! Please do update us...

    Thank you for the reply! Please do update us here when you go for your interview, excited to hear how it goes!
    You mentioned "an additional 6 months from the day the extension is approved" -
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    Overwintering Questions?

    Hi There! I'm hoping some of you might be able to help shed some light on the concept of "Overwintering" on the beautiful island of Bonaire!?

    My husband and I will be retiring from the grind at...
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