View Full Version : Looking for help picking up cacti in Salinas CA to be sent to Bonaire

Jan Jaap van Almenkerk
09-30-2015, 08:04 AM
My name is Jan Jaap van Almenkerk, project manager at POP Bonaire (rural development program), and I am conducting a fodder crop project on Bonaire. There are cactus cultivars in the USA that we could use, but there is a problem getting them to Bonaire.

An important goal of POP Bonaire is a research into a sustainable goat farming system. At the moment the goats are roaming free and causing loss of biodiversity and erosion, which damages the coral surrounding Bonaire. This is one of the biggest environmental problems of our island.

Fodder is essential for keeping the goats on the farms. I have found information about a variety of the opuntia ficus indica (prickley pear) with few spines, that can be used as a fodder crop in semi-arid climates. We want to start a pilot project to see if this cactus will grow well on the soils of Bonaire.

We have made contact with a research scientist in Salinas, California. He has a lot of experience with opuntia and he suggested us three opuntia cultivars without spines.

The problem is, that he is not able to personally send them to us. He did suggest someone can come to his worksite in Salinas and together with him collect pads of the cactus. That person can then send the pads to Bonaire. There would be 25 large pads and they weigh about 2 kg each. So it will be about 50 kg.

We are looking for someone who is willing to help me by picking up the cacti in Salinas, and having them transported to Bonaire by DHL. All expenses will be paid.