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  1. Keys Real Estate Failure
  2. Retire on Bonaire............
  3. Furniture
  4. Benefits and the disadvantages
  5. Shipping to Bonaire from US
  6. How do you get a bank letter?
  7. Do i have to pay a deposit if I am not yet be a inhabitant of Bonaire?
  8. Television
  9. Container shipping
  10. Aupair/babysit
  11. Question about business visa to live in Bonaire
  12. Residency
  13. Container Shipping
  14. Electricity
  15. Shipping Container/ Crate
  16. Satellite internet
  17. Some Modern Convenience Issues
  18. Bringing Small Animals
  19. Container shipping from the UK
  20. leather furnitures
  21. Vertical window treatments
  22. Santa Barbara vrs Nikiboko
  23. New Tax Laws October 1, 2011
  24. What shout you bring?
  25. New BIC-codes October 1st 2011
  26. How long can you wait to take your household
  27. Pets on Bonaire
  28. first time traveling with Sedula
  29. Retiree/pensioner health care benefits
  30. Filing Dutch Tax Return
  31. Homeowners Insurance
  32. Residency Application
  33. One month visit
  34. Residency with a Home worth less than USD 250,000?
  35. Exciting News and a request for help :)
  36. Lots and lots of questions!
  37. Residence permit.......... My latest
  38. Agents/attorneys to advise on residency application?
  39. Changing Driving License?
  40. Whats the best bank when purchasing
  41. Purchasing Bonaire property
  42. Residency in Bonaire – Have some questions – Grateful for any help
  43. I still dream of living in Bonaire.
  44. Starting the process
  45. Bonaire Residency - The process and forms explained
  46. Personal Income Tax
  47. Increasing retirement age and the effect of the double tax decree on US expats
  48. Insurance Question
  49. Overwintering
  50. Non resident bank account - problems
  51. Building on Bonaire
  52. Packing for AMCAR
  53. FATCA Compliance package, the IRS and your foreign bank account
  54. Cars, Bikes, Gas (octane level)
  55. Where do expats meet in Bonaire?
  56. Getting residence in Bonaire
  57. Over wintering = free health care?
  58. Important change in residency and visitation policies - US Passport holders ONLY
  59. Renewing health care insurance
  60. Medical insurance when you travel
  61. What should i expect when i move to Bonaire?
  62. Construction & materials in Bonaire
  63. Help Needed Figuring Out Monthly Costs Living in Bonaire
  64. Two Real Estate Notary's in Bonaire?
  65. Building new house on bonaire-Need advice
  66. Residency and Health Care for US Expats Moving To Bonaire
  67. Property Management Costs?
  68. Bonaire named one of the Top 10 Coolest places to retire in Caribbean
  69. How to pay Bonaire Home Bills from USA?
  70. Scrap metal
  71. Septic Tanks and building codes in bonaire
  72. Off island?
  73. schools
  74. what is a "good conduct letter"?
  75. Health Care on island
  76. Looking for a 40' container
  77. Jobs, local economy and real estate market trends
  78. Relocation company
  79. Employment on Bonaire
  80. Property Insurance
  81. 6 month limit on Bonaire for US Citizens?
  82. How to open new bank account on Bonaire?
  83. Home Alarm Companies (recommendation wanted)
  84. Bonaire Paypal Account Possible?
  85. Driving a scooter on Bonaire
  86. Property Prices
  87. Bonaire Super Store Still in Business?
  88. Avoiding import tax when moving to Bonaire
  89. Shipping items through AMCAR/ROCARGO
  90. Granite Counter Tops
  91. Health care for pre-existing Illnesses?
  92. Things are moving along
  93. Has anyone from the US moved to Bonaire since the rules changed in 2015?
  94. Car insurance
  95. letter of singleness?
  96. Has anyone moved to Bonaire with a Pet from the US?
  97. How to read your monthly WEB Bills for water and electric
  98. Introduction: HI
  99. How and which authorities on Bonaire I should inform about the change of address?
  100. Elementary schools
  101. Question Liveaboards
  102. Bonaire Residency for U.S. Citizens: FBI Check Now Required
  103. Sur Salinja New Housing Development
  104. What's the best way to move our household goods to Bonaire for a permanent move?
  105. Residency - New Requirements regarding Proof of Financial Means for Americans
  106. Pool Installation
  107. Energy Bills - starting a new/2017 thread
  108. Shipping supplements to Bonaire?
  109. Storage of 2 dive bottles
  110. Septic Fees and Policies
  111. We made it! We now live on Bonaire and are legal residents !
  112. buying or renting a car on the island
  113. Taxes on Bonaire
  114. Using a real estate agent or not?
  115. Americans who’ve transported their pets
  116. Corals and Shells
  117. DVR and Telbo
  118. How to buy and bring a car from USA
  119. New to this Forum...so much to learn
  120. 2018 trends in home prices
  121. Which Bank on Bonaire?
  122. Declaring Hand Carry Items
  123. U.S. Citizens Absentee Voting Information
  124. Car Insurance Advice Needed
  125. Moving Adventures
  126. Shipping household furniture & goods from Florida to Bonaire
  127. Transporting a dog from US to Bonaire - any suggestions?
  128. Introduction
  129. Looking for guidance as Canadians coming to Bonaire
  130. Electrical licensing ??
  131. becoming Bonaire resident
  132. Tax Advisors for Canadians Planning Retirement in Bonaire
  133. International Health Insurance for US Citizens - Recommendations?
  134. Moving research, it's what we do not know
  135. Change in length of initial sedula for Americans
  136. Propane tanks
  137. Any non-listed properties for sale?
  138. Importing Orchid/Plant Collection
  139. New Wage Requirements
  140. Internet
  141. Construction in Bonaire
  142. Ordering from the United States- like coffee and household items
  143. Importing household goods and moving with cats
  144. Consignment stores or thrift stores on Bonaire?
  145. Income properties - advice please
  146. Choosing and Preparing a Car to Move to Bonaire
  147. Cost of adding pool?
  148. Income tax and Social Insurance consequences with Bonaire residency with US wages
  149. Overwintering Questions?
  150. Does Time Spent on Bonaire Impact Time Allowed in Curacao, Saba, St Eustatius etc...
  151. Applying for residency
  152. Canadians in Bonaire - 1 Year Temporary Residency
  153. Customs
  154. Moving to Bonaire - and getting old, senior homes/home care
  155. Moving my stuff
  156. Shipping container
  157. Getting all of the small furnishings
  158. Residency renewal application in English