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In an effort to clearly state the Bonaire Talk policy on what can and cannot be posted as a Bonaire Talk message and to participate on Bonaire Talk by posting, sending messages or uploading, you agree to abide by the posting policies as stated below:

Posting policies

Bonaire Talk a friendly, informative chat site based on mutual respect.
The Moderators will do their best to keep it that way, and every post is reviewed.
All posts are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily
reflect the views of Bonaire Talk .
We are not responsible for posts' content, authenticity or accuracy.

Profanity, race profiling, insulting language or just being down right mean, is simply not allowed here and this includes any sort of harassment or cyber bullying.
Threats of any sort are grounds for immediate banning from further
posting; there is never a reason to resort to personal attacks, if you could not say this to someone in person please do not say it here.
If you feel that you have been attacked, please do not retaliate on the board or in a private email ; instead please notify us at Moderators@bonairetalk.com .

Any person posting a personal attack* against another member of this board will be immediately banned and their access blocked whenever possible.
There will be no second chances or reinstatement of any violators.

If you receive a Private Message through the Board mail ,from anyone that says something nasty or threatening, please alert the moderators at moderators@bonairetalk.com.

Any user that sends hateful or threatening emails will be banned from Bonaire Talk

* determining what constitutes a personal attack will be up to the
owners/moderators of BTCInc. ONLY.

Playing nice is appreciated, Gossip is NOT appreciated.

Trolling posts or off-topic posts (hijacking) may be moved, edited or
removed from the threads.

Bonaire Talk retains all rights and privileges to all its editorial content.

Spamming is a no no and will be dealt with promptly

We are dedicated to keeping our users' information private and will never sell it to a third party.
Please read our privacy policy that can be found here http://www.bonairetalk.com/privacy.html

Remember You and you alone are responsible for your diving safety. Plan your dive and dive your plan.

Please note that the Bonaire Talk Moderators have full discretion as to how to interpret and enforce these rules at all times, and their lack of enforcement or speed to enforce is entirely dependent on what the Moderators decides (or when they decide to act).

The Moderators of Bonaire Talk will have the last word in any dispute.
When they{the moderators} think it is in the best interest of Bonaire Talk, they may edit or delete:, pictures, signatures, posts and threads.
They may suspend users when they{the moderators} agree it is necessary.

Membership is a privilege.
If a member feels they have been unfairly denied service or has received unfair moderation, Please email us at
The problem will be reviewed by all owners and moderators of Bonaire Talk .

Bonaire Talk reserves the right to add to or amend the posting policies without any prior warning or consent from its users.
By completing your registration, you agree that your Bonaire Talk participation will conform to any such additions or amendments to the posting policies.

You May Not Post:
- Messages which promote a commercial business from which you derive compensation. Such compensation may include, but is not limited to, outright payment, a commission, salary, and/or free services or goods.
You may not post pricing information. An exception to this exists below.

- Messages via a false name or anonymously which promote, denigrate, or libel another person, business, or entity.

- Messages in which you are selling time shares, offering to sell your time share, property, tickets, or selling any items of any kind.

- Material which is copyrighted by others, and to which you have no clear license or title or permission to post on Bonaire Talk. Such material would include text, images, graphics, etc.

- Spam of any kind is not allowed. Single or multiple postings to include:
posting the same message in several threads in a short period.

While the purpose of this newsgroup is to provide discourse amongst its participants, repeating the same message over and over, whether good or bad, is not acceptable.

Most newsgroup readers check for the newest postings and read
the messages in that fashion, so one post in the right topic area is more than enough to get the message across.

You May Post:
- Messages about your Bonaire-based or oriented business if a genuine, unsolicited request for information was made. But, you need to clearly identify your affiliation with said business, and you may not mention prices on-line. (Use e-mail for such prompted requests)

- Messages with content that is authored by you (text or images) and/or in the public domain. You may also, within reason, post WebCam images captured from the Bonaire WebCams Web site, as directed in the FAQ page on that site.

It should be noted that violations of the primary "You May Not Post" rules will result in deletions of posts (or content) and possible banning from ever posting on Bonaire Talk.
Should someone have replied to a such an improper post, we will instead remove the content and replace it with a highly visible and potentially embarrassing message chastising the poster.

That said, we will not edit, remove, or otherwise change posts made by people who later decide, for whatever reason that they did not want to post what they ended up writing.

So, think twice before confirming that you want your message preview content posted.

Signature may not have:

URLs or links of any kind as they are considered advertizing. If you would like to advertize your product or rental on BT, please contact a Moderator by using the CONTACT US link at the bottom of each page on BT, and we will set you up with our advertizing specialist . Also URLs and active links attract spammers to this web site and to your web site. Please help us keep spammers off BT.

1. Only two lines may be used in your signature line.

2. If you are a homeowner/rental we require that you list your affiliation in your signature. However, it will only be allowed if it is short and sweet. No URLS, no links please. This is an example of how to list your affiliation: "Owner, BeleCaribDon #5"

If you do not list your affiliation and it comes to BT Board's attention, there may be consequences (for example, a temporary ban of BT). It is imperative to let BT know that you are an owner.

We have created a place for your Bonaire Business/rental in your profile. Please use it. Any URL or link in this box will not be clickable, however, you may put a URL or link in your homepage box.

If you are an sales agent on island please state so in your signature, for example, "John with RemaX". Please, no links, No URLS in your signature. Please use the proper places in your profile, see above.

Bonaire Talk messages are publicly archived indefinitely, so please make sure that you don't post something you may regret tomorrow or years from now.