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Our First Sundowner ........... Daqy 2

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  • Our First Sundowner ........... Daqy 2

    Our dive orientation went well. For 20 trips we had used Bonaire Dive and Adventure. Our last trip we used Bruce Bowker, because we were staying at the Carib Inn. Both of these operations are great and we were always satisfied. We have zero complaints regarding their customer service and tank quality and availability.

    However, this trip we are staying on the second floor of a private residence, more or less, and decided to do our diving through Dive Friends. Since the residence is just three houses from the Hamlet Oasis Dive Friends location, it seemed logical for us. In addition, it doesn’t hurt that Dive Friends have 4 or 5 locations around the island where we can swap tanks. That should work out nicely.

    Our landlord/host of our residence actually volunteers at Dive Friends and provided our orientation. He gave us the rundown of the operation and a briefing of the dive site Cliff, which is where the Hamlet Oasis location of Dive Friends resides.

    We had never dove Cliff before, and man, have we missed out. Nice reef and a really nice wall, especially for Bonaire. Leslie found a Crinoid, which we hadn’t seen for several trips. It wasn’t a large one, but a crinoid none the less.

    Our friends Doug, aka “Duke”, and Nadine are on the island during the first week of our trip. They are staying at SandDollar and diving with BDA. After all of us did our respective orientations, we grouped up and went south to The Rock, always one of mine and Double L’s favorites.

    Other than a really nice reef, we saw a turtle and a spotted eagle ray.

    Doesn’t seem to be much current and the water temperature is hovering around 80 degrees. Visibility is typical Bonaire, and is better in some spots and less than in others. No complaints from us.

    I’ve never seen the island so crowded. Seems a reservation is needed for just about everything. Not sure March is my time of year to cometo Bonaire……. I like it when there aren’t so many people. But, hey, it’s good for the local economy.

    Because of the crowds, we were unable to book accommodations at the places we’ve used in the past. I was extremely lucky to find TheBeachcomber Villas. (

    We had never stayed at a place like this, always opting for places like SandDollar or Carib Inn. However, this is a really spectacular setup. Our hosts Leanne and Tim are wonderful and the unit is more than exceeding our expectations.

    I’ll talk more about Beachcomber Villas in a later post, but please understand that it’s a double edged sword. There are tons of great things to say about the place and our hosts, but I’m afraid that doing so will make it difficult for me to return – more folks will want to book, leaving less availability for us!! I desperately want to say nice things – and I will – but,man, I want to come back…….

    Also, today, brother Geoff and his girlfriend, Babs, made it to the island. We met them at the airport with a big bucket of twizzlers (Geoff’s favorite candy).

    Finally, around 6:30 this evening we had our first “Sundowner,” which is what our hosts, Leanne and Tim, call watching the sunset from their terrace overlooking the ocean. It is a spectacular setting with a spectacular view of the sunset.

    The sun looked like a large orange ball as it slowly slid towardsthe horizon. Everyone waited in anticipation. Would there be a green flash? We all hoped.

    With a sliver of orange barely visible, the rest of the sun having already disappeared below some mystical point out beyond the far reaches of the Atlantic Ocean, Double L took a sip of her rum punch and leaned over to me.

    “Of all the places we’ve been to or seen on Bonaire,” she said,watching the sun slowly sink beyond the far off horizon, “this is the type of place I could see myself living in.”

    Just then, the last sliver of orange disappeared and a small, but distinctive, green flash occurred. For a moment there was silence, then everyone clapped.

    Double L and I looked at each other. We both smiled and clinked our rum glasses.

    My Out of Office notification lasts another 14 days.

    Dive on Friends,

    Dave & Leslie.

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    Coffee on the back deck in the morning is not bad either.

    I take mine black and without a newspaper, please.
    Brad Ford


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      Wow those last 4 sentences got the goosebumps up :bless: 2
      PRA & ET Inc
      Proof Readers Anonymous & Extreme Testers


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        Great description, Dave ... every once in a while my wife & I have to pinch ourselves and say "oh my god, we live here "
        PADI CD-159014
        Lighthouse Beach Resort #32


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          We will be neighbours in 6 days Dave. Please tell Leanne that her maple syrup has dutifully been packed!
          5 more days of work for us. I doubt I will be able to concentrate enough to actually earn my pay this week.


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            We have just booked our 4th trip to Bonaire and we will be staying at Beachcomber Villas - thanks for convincing us Dave! We will be there for 2 weeks next January - already I can't wait!! We are suffering badly from PBS having just returned from 2 weeks last weekend!


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              We've seen "The Flash" just once; our first night on Grand Turk back, I think, in 2001. It is something you never forget.