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  • Seriously? .......... Day 0

    “Not gonna fit,” Leslie said, “It’s too big.”

    I sighed. My shoulders sagged and I felt defeated.

    “I hope you’re wrong,” I said, knowing that she probablywasn’t. Over the years I had grown accustomed to Leslie (Double L) being right. Even when I knew she wasn’t,somehow, she always was. But, in this particular instance, I had no grounds forprotest. My lovely, smart bride was most definitely correct.

    It was too big.

    She looked at me. “Now what?” she said.

    I thought for a moment, rubbed my chin. “I’m not sure.” Inall honesty, I wasn’t sure.

    “You always get yourself into things like this, don’t yasmart guy?”

    “Well,” I said, “I’m just a really nice person.”

    Leslie rolled her eyes and left the room. “I’ve got my ownpacking to do,” she said as she walked down the hallway.

    Yes, we were packing. Packing for our 22nd tripto Bonaire – we arrive Saturday, March 7th. My problem was that Icouldn’t fit this particular item into the suitcase. Unfortunately it wasn’t anew BCD or cool set of high-tech fins or anything else scuba related. It wasn’teven clothing. A wardrobe issue would be easily resolved -- I’ve been known toleave clothing behind if it meant making room for gear.

    But this “too big” of an item wasn’t any of that.

    It was a dartboard. That’s right. You heard me.

    I’m bringing a dartboard to Bonaire. It’s a foot and a half acrossand weighs twelve pounds! But, please understand, this isn’t just any dartboard. This is a specialdartboard.

    You might ask, “Gee,Dave, what’s so special about this dartboard? Is it magic or something? Does ithave special powers?”

    No, it’s not magic or something. I’m bringing it down for mygood buddy Jan, husband of Bonaire KFC mogul, Ruth. He asked me to, and since I’msuch a nice guy, and Jan is such a good friend, I said yes……obviously without thinkingit through first, of course.

    But the board doeshave special powers.

    The special powers are that I’m going to kick the crap outof Jan on his, own, brand new dartboard. And while I’m throwing bull’s-eyeafter bull’s-eye, I’m going to consume about three dozen of his fabulousmeatballs, devour a couple hundred of his chicken wings, and make sure when Ileave that there’s not a drop of beer in the house.

    Here, Jan. Here’s yourstinking dartboard! I’m feeling better already……..

    By the way, I solved the packing issue. It was really quiteeasy. I just put some of my t-shirts in Leslie’s suitcase when she wasn’t looking.

    Works every time!

    Dive on Friends,

    Dave & Leslie.

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    Ohh Yeahhh, and so the story begins.....

    well worthy of promotion to Article of the Month cheers
    PRA & ET Inc
    Proof Readers Anonymous & Extreme Testers


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      Oh boy here we go, Dave's on a roll. Something to look forward to on these cold winter days.
      sigpic And Jerry said, Keep it light, Keep it friendly. Post Like Jerry.


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        Waitin' for more! Vicarious vacation isn't as good as true vacation, but it'll get us through!


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          Love it, Dave. Please keep the installments coming. It wets my appetite for a planned Christmas week trip this year.