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Trip Report Dec 16-21

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  • Trip Report Dec 16-21

    Trip Report Dec 16-21 2012

    This was our 9th trip to Bonaire. We took the usual direct red-eye flight out of Houston the week before Christmas and there were very few people in town. It was nice because there was never a line at Buddy’s drive through and no problems getting a table at the restaurants. We stayed at the Villa Makoshi and got our nitrox tanks through Buddy Dive.

    Saw the Manta Ray at Bari Reef on our very first dive of the trip. He was much larger than the one we saw in March (at Bari Reef as well). There was little to no current at all of the sites we dove, computers showed temp of 85-86 degrees. We saw 5 Lionfish at one site north of BOPEC, but none anywhere else. I reported the locations/depth to STINPA. There was a lot of red algae at Weber’s Joy damaging the coral. Saw quite a few different kinds of eels this trip, including a very large green moray, as well as the tarpons and barracuda, but no turtles.

    We ate dinner at some of our favorites: Pizza Temple, Rib Factory, It Rains Fishes, and La Barca. Tried the Osaka Sushi place but we were not too impressed. The Van den Tweel Market is really nice, and we ended up picking something up at Zhung Kong almost every day.

    Only SNAFU was a flat tire we got down by the Salt Pier doing our last day “tour of the island”. The wheel was so rusted on that a mechanic had to come out with a sledge hammer before we could replace the tire. We are going back in a couple of months and are really looking forward to it. Here are a few pictures I took on this trip:


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    Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing!


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      Thank you for the trip report and the beautiful pics


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        As I have posted At least once before, that is "normal" procedure with flat tires on Bonaire. Although I myself
        have been lucky in that someone right where I stopped came out and did the job.


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          Nice concise trip report and great pics, you had me at MANTA RAY! Was hoping for that pic. Going back for trip 6 in Feb/Mar, can't wait! Glad to hear you saw a green moray - I hope they are coming back.


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            Thanks! I usually don't bring my camera on the first dive, and with my luck it would have been setup for macro photos anyway. I forgot to mention that there were reports of a whale shark at Klien that week as well. I did get a pic of this manta in Fiji: