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Road tax 2022

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  • Road tax 2022

    Where can you pay ROAD TAX ?? ,,,,,,,,,,,, also can you pay ONLINE ?? ....... and what PAPERWORK do you need to provide ??

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    I think you can pay at your bank but for me the fastest and easiest is at the FXDC Post Office. Bring your Sedula or passport, your Crib number and $190 cash for a petrol car or truck. If you bring the previous year's receipt it appears to make things easier as it has all the info right on it. In and out in 2 minutes.


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      Thank you ........... I live in Rincon .......... was hoping to pay online; save the travel.


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        hank - Did you get this handled? I pay my road tax online via MCB. I'm sure the other banks have the same option which is very easy if you have your tax bill:
        Top right of the bill lists "Betaalkenmerk" which includes your CRIB number plus some car detail codes including plate number. You enter that whole bit as the comment on your payment transfer to Belastingdienst whose account numbers for all the banks are listed on the back of the bill.
        If you don't have the bill then as agd said seems to be the way to go.