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    When I was a kid my Uncle Dub (not really my uncle, but that's how we thought of him) carried two things around in the pocket of his overalls. When he'd reach in his pocket (not in his overalls) we knew one of two things was coming out:

    a plug of Bull-o-the-Woods chewing tobacco, from which he'd get himself a chew, or

    "parched" peanuts which he'd then give to all the kids hanging around. Aunt Francis parched those peanuts over the fire in a big iron skillet. Man, did they smell good. Today I got a craving for some parched peanuts.

    It's not hard, and they're a lot better than the pre-fab ones you get at the Kroger or the ballpark.

    Parched (yankees call them "roasted") peanuts:

    A couple of pounds of raw, dried peanuts. I try to buy a bushel in the fall, but you can get them in 1 lb bags at the grocery store.

    Pre-heat oven to 350. Put peanuts on cookie sheet and bake for 20-30 minutes. You don't have to use the fireplace and cast-iron skillet.

    When they start to smell good, start tasting until they're right for you - I like mine a little over-done. Be careful, they'll be hot.

    No oil, no salt, no spices, just parched peanuts.
    Brad Ford

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