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Is Bonaire Self Sustainable

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  • Is Bonaire Self Sustainable

    Hello all,

    With the current Global pandemic happening, it causes us to pause our dreams of purchasing a home and moving to Bonaire.

    What once would be and maybe still is an outrageous concern, I need to ask the question, if there is a total shutdown of global travel, are facilities in place (such as commercial green houses) that allow for enough food to be produced on the island to keep everyone fed?



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    no -bonaire is heavily dependent on imports.


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      There are some things grown here and we can get local eggs, fish etc, but not enough to feed everyone. As Petri says, we depend on imports. Fortunately, even during this crisis the container ships continue their regular deliveries to the island and we have no food shortages here. Still no cases of the virus here, fortunately.
      Kate Butler
      "Ask Kate" real estate columnist for the Bonaire Reporter
      Real Estate Agent, RE/MAX Paradise Homes, Bonaire


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        There is a new director of Agriculture on Bonaire. He is very good. Hopefully we will have a lot more vegetables grown here. There is already a commercial greenery . They are open two days a week to buy produce and I did see some of there produce in the grocery store.


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          If you buy a property with a garden that allows you to produce your own products - why not. The climate is convenient for amateur farming and at least you can minimize your grocery expenses this way. We bought a small place 5 years ago with a relatively large garden and we're producing our own products since then. We were about to buy flat in Athens but changed our minds since we prefer a self-sustaining life over city life.


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            Keep in mind that agriculture requires fresh water. Bonaire creates fresh water with a great deal of electricity which is predominantly produced by burning oil. Water is so expensive on Bonaire that producing enough vegetation to feed 20,000 residents without any income or gross national product except tourism is a fantasy. Yes, fish and cactus juice will sustain life, but self sustaining here would be only at very primitive levels.


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              Good point. But all 20,000 people aren't likely to do it. I know many with gardens that supplement their vegetables and fruit. It's great to have a garden.


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                Originally posted by randl View Post
                Good point. But all 20,000 people aren't likely to do it. I know many with gardens that supplement their vegetables and fruit. It's great to have a garden.
                I don't think that was the point. Even if just one person had a commercial gardening operation to feed all 20,000 people, there would not be enough water.
                Mel Briscoe, Alexandria, Virginia


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                  We're all saying the same thing.


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                    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply.
                    Much appreciated.
                    I think it would be a great investment for the island to become more self sufficient.
                    Hope, and imagine, all you permanent residents are well.
                    At least the reefs are getting a break from all the traffic.
                    Hope to return soon, but don't see that happening until we get rid of the Trudeau socialists. Even then, they're all in on it.