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ATTENTION -- 29th July 2022 TWO Dive Sites CLOSED due to SCTLD

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  • ATTENTION -- 29th July 2022 TWO Dive Sites CLOSED due to SCTLD

    Please see the Stinapa Facebook post here..

    SCTLD updates #1.jpg

    Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) Updates - In an effort to limit the spread of SCTLD from the site Karpata to the rest of the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP), we closed dive sites Karpata & La Dania's Leap until further notice
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    more info about this disease can be found here --->
    PRA & ET Inc
    Proof Readers Anonymous & Extreme Testers


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      So sad to hear this awful news! I've seen first-hand the devastation SCTLD has caused in the Florida Keys, and hope that Bonaire's superior attention to conservation might help prevent a similar outcome. Another useful site with some excellent Disease Identification cards can be found here


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        I just want to post here a letter, which i wrote to STINAPA after their facebook post

        Dear Stinapa Team !

        First of all, thanks very much for your work & effort during the long time of your existance. I am Didi,
        living in Austria and be a repeating guest to BON since 1982 with 1000++ dives done there.
        I love Bonaire because of the diving freedom and the unspoiled enviroment and of course the nice people, which i met
        since then.
        Because of this positive impressions i do a lot of advertising in favour to BON in comparison to CUR and other caribbean

        As a Tec-Diving Instructor Trainer i know incredible many people, who listen my words and hints and regarding BON , i play the

        role of a kind of (ironically ment) BONpedia in terms of diving/staying there; not profit oriented.
        So, why do i write this mail to you:

        Unfortunately i read in Facebook and on other webpages, that "you" decided to close down Karpata & La Dianas Leap untill
        further notice.

        Fine.... but i hope, that you are aware, that this message, simply posted on Facebook, will / could intiate !

        SCTLD is a very bad disease and existing since 2014. It spreaded over from Florida in a way (until know only based on

        speculations) through the caribbean till it reached BON.
        Very probably with ships, maybe turtles and so on.
        You have noticed the signs on your corals.
        Nothing is sure, but you simply close two major divespots without scientific proved background for divers.
        Just with the intention, lets try,, sit back and wait.
        Not professional at all !
        A proper analysis should be done. This is easily possible by taking samples form suits, fins (and so on) from divers coming out

        of the water in areas, were the SCTLD has been seen.

        I spoke to biologists here in Austria (University of Vienna and also to people in Finland) and got
        similar answers, that this is a bacteria "in water" and survives "in water" and get spread "in water".
        Difficult to say, how the bacteria survives the sun and dry areas.
        Its hardly to believe, that it get majorly spread through divestuff.
        Divestuff is getting rinsed and dryed in between dives.
        Most of the divers just hoover, follow the rules, not to touch anything and come in contact with it through water contact.
        But so do parrot fish, other animals , plankton, turtles and therefore an uncontrollable amount of sources for spreading through

        the currents.

        Some speculations on different social medias are saying, that SCTLD might have been imported by dive gear, used in Florida.

        Has this been analysed ?
        Did you or somebody else simulate this test case:
        Dive as usual in Florida , in SCTLD areas, rinse the dive stuff afterwards just as normal with clear water, let it dry and look if

        bacterias are detectable ?
        Did you measure the impact of packing the dry stuff into a bag, but on a airplane, cargo department, with all the temperature and

        pressure difference during the flight, if a SCTLD-bacteria survives this trip ?

        I am sure not !

        You just decide to close down the 2 major sites until further notice.

        Why not let the sites open for diving, use the divers coming out of the water for taking samples. Offer THERE a rinsestation with

        detergent, observed continiously by Stinapa people, log the data and watch the spread progress underwater.
        You earn enough money from the Tags to priorize a professional analysis of the spread of SCTLD with immediate start.

        I am damn sure, that the divers are the least guilty ones in the whole chain.
        Ships, Yachts are more likely to spread the SCTLD - What is the impact there ? Nothing !
        You decide the way of the lowest resistance and hit the dive community.

        On the number plates in BON it reads "Divers Paradise", but for how long ?

        In my opinion (and other divers agree with me) the dive site Karpata, Alice in Wonderland, Hilma Hooker, eventually the

        Windjammer are the major reasons to dive in BON.
        Kind of a "must do" - Similar to Rome / St.Peters church, Paris the Eiffeltower or NYC the Time square.
        If i want to see this attractions and they are closed for any reason, i dont go there - Simple as that.
        Did you get the commercial point here ?
        Divers are buying the Tag, they pay "your" salary indirectly and should have a
        clear , proper analysed presented reason, why the dive sites are closed. They will understand, but dont want to hear a

        speculation, that "it might be the divers".
        You are sawing on the twig you are sitting on with this facebook posting.

        Some travel agencies, specialized on ABC or BES here in central europe already got asked, if its possible to change the trip

        from BON instead to CUR. Travel insurances have been asked , if a close down of the major dive attractions is an insurance-

        paid reason for canceling the trip.
        Do you hear the message !

        If the divers are the guilty ones for spreading SCTLD, they will obeye and follow the rules 100 %, but if just based
        on speculations they will not, simply ignore the close down or even worser do not come any more.

        You decide - Its your task to protect the marine park, but please dont do the same faults , done by many governments during the
        corona crisis, that a lockdown helps - No it does not ! - It simply destroys the economy.

        Thanks very much for listening and please excuse the typos in this letter, as english is not my mother tongue :-))

        P.S.: On 4.October i fly over to BON again :-))

        Didi (Austria & Switzerland)
        TDI IT # 2020
        Manatee Divers Int'l HQ (Reg. TDI/SDI Facility) - -
        RSDAS (Russki Schnuffski Diving Association of Switzerland) HQ
        CDAS (Cave Diving Association of Switzerland) HQ
        Didi Wagner ------------>

        Didi (Austria & Switzerland)
        TDI IT # 2020
        Manatee Divers Int'l HQ (Reg. TDI/SDI Facility)
        CDAS (Cave Diving Association of Switzerland) HQ
        RSDAS (Russki Schnuffski Diving Association of Switzerland) HQ