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Wind direction for optimum diving at Candyland and Taylormade

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  • Wind direction for optimum diving at Candyland and Taylormade

    Now that we travel with app, we can pretty much plan our daily diving according to Windfinder's forecasts.
    In the past, we have made the trek to Candyland, Taylormade (and Karpata) only to find it very choppy and difficult entry. We will have a group with
    different levels of experience diving and snorkeling coming from South Belnam area. We don't want these first timers to Bonaire to miss out on the
    lovely areas North of Santa Barbara Crowns.
    Question: What is the optimal wind direction mainly for Candyland but not excluding 1,000 Steps and Karpata. I am thinking East (good) EastNorthEast (ENE) even better.
    Input? Thank you!

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    Yes, ENE is very good, but E is good too. Beware ESE and SE (like right now?)
    You may find the wind info at or more useful.
    Mel Briscoe, Alexandria, Virginia