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    If you haven't been to Norca's Deli Cafe (upstairs by the Bali downtown) you're missing a treat. She has it all, local, Indonesian and Venezuelan food. Been here a week and ate lots of places but now will try to get back to Norca's as much as we can. Personable and reasonable and the food speaks for itself. We tried the chicken SATE at a local recommended place earlier in the week and it was dry and you couldn't tell the peanut sauce was there. Just the opposite at Norca's. Moist and the best peanut sauce ever. Greetings to all.

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    Thanks Warren I did not even know anything was there.
    Pachi Jim


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      keshi ena

      Not sure if I spelled it correctly, but had the keshi eni. Was great. The wife has tried most of the salads with nothing but great things to say. Sorry to say she's off for the next 4 days so now off to eat at other places. Hope this was helpful as we have eaten at a lot of the places recommended on this site over the last two weeks and have found this to be the most consistent with the best variety of food we have found.


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        Keshi Yena ..... stuffed cheese


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          Try Norca's arepas or her bacon and cheese pancakes for breakfast. Yummy!


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            Norca's is indeed a great place to eat. Our first time there a couple of us ordered fruit salad and then watched them cut into fresh fruits to make the salad. We went back several times and found everything delicious. The menu is so varied we won't run out of new things to try for a long time. There was a time when we couldn't find keshi yena anywhere, but now several restaurants are serving it. Like many traditional recipes, they are all different, and all good.


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              Is Norca's open for diner?

              Is she in the walk thru mall area where the ice cream shop is? If not, where is she?


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                She is up the stairs where the Bali Indonesian restaurant was located. She is across the street from the Italian Ice Cream shop. Hard to locate the first time, but worth it. She has a sign at the stairs indicating an abbreviated menu. Up the stairs to the right. She is open for dinner only by reservation. Otherwise open till about 5 or 6 pm especially if she knows you're coming.