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  • Peanut butter

    Do the Bonaire groceries stock peanut butter that is just peanuts and salt, no sugar or sugar substitutes? I'm wondering if I should pack a jar from home in my gear suitcase. Thanks

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    Van Den Tweelís carries one that as far I remember is 100% peanuts with no added sugars. I cannot recall the name and I am not on Island right to check it out.
    S&E Tanton


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      Yes, Van Den Twells stocks it, 100% Pindakaas! Smooth or chunky! I also use to bring my own but now I donít have too. You can also get it at Peanuts, a store in Playa, they grind the nuts.


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        Peanut butter? The peanut butter at VDT is as good as anything, anywhere. In fact, though we rarely eat it at home, it actually makes the picnic rotation in Bonaire.

        There have been quite a few threads lately about bringing foodstuffs to the island. All unnecessary, the days of a dingy market stocking only Spam, tuna, sardines and saltines are officially over. I get it if you have a favourite butcher who has the best marbled rib-eyes for a special dinner, or you need a particular seasoning for a specific dish but the choices here are wide and varied. It is actually fun and interesting to let loose and try some of the European, Indonesian or Surinamese ingredients here that we do not see in North America. But even if that is a stretch, you can still get almost anything you would eat in the USA. The beef is average, but pork, chicken and fish are great. Vegetables can be pricy, but usually good quality. The cheeses from Holland are the best and baked goods and bread remind one of Europe.

        Take a tiny step out of your comfort zone and experience something a bit may not like everything but you will discover tastes you will be glad you did. Is that not part of the joy of travel? There is no need to mule down all of your provisions.

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          I agree, there's no need to bring down general food provisions. VDT is great. Although on a smaller scale it's similar to Winn Dixie or Publix in the US and Loblaws in Canada. If you can't find what you need at VDT because sometimes they are out of stock, you can find it a Warehouse, Bondigro or one of the many Chinese groceries on island.

          The natural peanut butter is very good. It's under their house brand.


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            try and find chicken breasts for .39 a lb on Bonaire or aged filet at 7.84 a lb as it does not exist--that is why seal & freeze is a great option for core meat products and it does stay frozen on the flight. I agree that all of the daily basic foods are easily located [also some nice selections for organic at times] and prices are not bad, but when you stay 2-months food costs is a pretty size able figure. We try to eat out 1-2 times a week, but daily lunch for us is the cooler and it is top of the world and only need fruit, some great cheese and fresh bread daily from the store and we eat like kings. Of course some lionfish burgers from BC mixed in at times were always enjoyed.


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              Thanks. I agree that shopping is part of the fun. A little Dutch is helpful. So glad to know about 100% Pindakaas!


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                FYI the 100% peanut butter is out of stock at VDT as of yesterday.