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  • Sunday on Lac Cai

    Hello Bonaire fans,

    I am trying to figure out what the eating options are these days at Lac Cai. It looks to me like the Sunday barbecues at Landhuis deTuin are no more? I also remember from past visits a very rustic park area near the conch shell hills where you could purchase food on Sundays. Is that still going on? Do you think folks would be there on Easter Sunday, which is unfortunately the only Sunday we'll be on Bonaire?

    On the website I saw a photo and description saying there is an actual restaurant at Lac Cai open on Sundays. It said it was a brunch/lunch place and typically ran out of food if you came too late, but the park I remember didn't really have many folks until later in the day, definitely not brunch time. Anyone know what might be referring to and whether it would be open on Easter Sunday? Also, I'm not quite clear on how to get there. There is reference to a dirt road from Jibe City. Is that the same way you get to the conch hills? I've forgotten all about a difficult dirt road if indeed that's where we went on a past visit. We have been to the mangrove info center before, and I remember that being easy to get to. Is there a dirt road past that that we would take to get to this Lac Cai restaurant?

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this?

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    If you've been to the Mangrove Center, you were on the road to Lac Cai. Keep going on that road and, when you come to the end, you'll be at Lac Cai and the restaurant. It seemed busy the last time we were there in August, but we have not tried it.


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      Thanks, that is helpful info. I'm very curious to see Lac Cai. Sounds like there's more there than when we last saw it maybe 8 years ago.


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        There's also Foodies restaurant, which is neither on Cai or where Sorobon/Jibe City is, it's sort of between them geographically. Coming from town, drive on Statius Van Eps (road to Donkey Sanctuary) like you're going to Jibe City and before you get to the Sorobon turn off, you'll see a road to the left and a sign for Foodies. Turn left on that road and Foodies will be a half mile or so on the left. Great food and views of the mangrove area of Lac Bay.
        Kate Butler
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          Thanks, Kate.