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  • Suggestions please !

    We are booked to stay @ Harbour Village, but hear mixed reports regarding the dining there (costly, poor service?); any suggestions regarding some middle-of-the-road type places, fairly close by (but we will have a car) - i like more of a vegetarian emphasis, but we both love fish.

    Many thanks in anticipation !

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    Hi Jo -- you'll get plenty of advice on this one as we all have our favorites.

    It Rains Fishes, Unbelievable, Paradise Moon are universal favorites
    Pasa Bon Pizza is up near Harbor Village if you like Italian

    Others with vegetarian tastes can also recommend good places.

    Bon appetit !!
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      Hi Dreemerdog

      You are like us we eat fish but not meat, Bonaire should be ideal for you. You have have a good selection of places near you Rum Runners, Lions Den, Patagonia and Bistro de Paris all within easy walking distance. In town lots more Wil's it Rains Fishes Mona Lisa, I can't think of one were you wouldn't get a great meal.
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        Pasa Bon Pizza does an excellent veggie Lasagna. You will probably have enough left over for lunch the next day.

        Cappricio have a great range of veggie dishes such as vegetarian ravioli. Mona Lisa will always make a vegetarian special on request, we had it many times & it was always excellent.

        All of these places have fish dishes & most places will cook something that is not on the menu to accommodate. Even Patagonia, a meat eaters haven had a veggie option. The only place that we struggled was Richards. Admittedly that was a few years ago & the chef may be more imaginative now.

        One thing for certain, you won't starve
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          Where to start.

          My wife and I have breakfast and lunch at HV almost every day of our stay. Both are pricey -- you may want to stock some stuff in your room for brekkers. Lunch is good, and in the lovely atmosphere of La Balandra. Please be sure to feed the resident iguanas for us! And if lime pie is on the menu, enjoy -- but please leave some for us...

          We always to off the property for dinner. We do enjoy City Cafe (great with the kids), Kon Tiki, Rum Runners at Captain Don's Habitat (great pizza). There's also a burger place (or was last time we were there) just to the left of City Cafe.

          For lunch one day, be sure to take a ride over to Jibe City. Besides the fun of watching the windsurfers, they have a funky joint there with pretty good burgers and other sandwich-type fare.

          BTW, "pricey" is an interesting term. Since virtually every piece of food you ingest is imported, all the food is, to some degree, "pricey." However, it is also good food, in interesting and charming restaurants.

          "Good service" is also an interesting phrase, and it has been discussed on this forum. The island works on island time -- we've always had very good, friendly, and considerate service in every restaurant we've visited. By American standards, I suppose it is slow, but Bonaire isn't America. Relax and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...

          I suspect all of us hope you have the experience which brings us back to the island again and again.


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            The lasagna at Pasa Bon Pizza is terrific and although I have never tried it - the fish pizza receives rave reviews.
            Rick & Kimís Yacht Club Restaurant has amazing vegetarian dishes. However this summer they will be relocating and opening their new place called At Sea.


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              And if you like Italian don't forget La Barca and our personal favorite Cappriccios!
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                Bonaire has sooo many great places to eat! Paradise Moon is fantastic!!!!!!! If you want something specially made....ask Carl & Pam!!! Great soups.....& everything else! Pasa Bon Pizza is ALWAYS great!!! The BEST pizza, salads, calzones....again....everything is SOOO good! Joe and Lisa are great!


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                  You guys are making me hungry !!!!!


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                    We had a couple very good meals at Zee Zeicht this year. It is one of the oldest restaurant on the island, and has had its ups and downs, but serves good meals at reasonable prices with personable service.