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  • Free Range?

    Hi all,

    We just got back from our 2nd trip to Bonaire and are already trying to figure out when we can do a 3rd! I am curious if anyone knows where the meat in Bonaire comes from? Here in the US we buy from local farms because factory farming is so cruel. Although it is obvious that factory farming does not occur on Bonaire, the meat could originate from such a source. Does anyone on here have any insight into this?


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    Most of the meat is from off island sources. Either from South America or Miami. There are some exceptions. Goat is from the island and it is all free range! Go to Maiky Snak. Ask for directions. Some of the seafood is local but much of that is also from off island. If you go to Hagen's truck at the kite beach and get the lion fish burger. That will be very fresh and very local. If you go the week after next than you may be able to eat some of the LIONFISH that I catch! So if you want to go with free range and local, than go to the local dining places.


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      Thank you for your response. We are heading back to Bonaire in less than 2 weeks. I have never tried lionfish, but maybe I will on this trip.


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        Lionfish is AWSOME!! We get a lot of LF in Aruba and it is now our families favorite fish to eat. You just have to be very carefull shooting them and cleaning them because I have been stuck several times and have been to the ER room. I guess if u want to eat the best fish in the sea, you have to take some risk!! Aruba Bob


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          eat the local fish...I am with you, lovemybuddy.....I don't even eat the local eggs for fear of the conditions..someone tell me I am wrong and if I am right, don't tell me..I'd rather not know..
          Ann Phelan
          Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations - Owner


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            First few years in Bonaire I didn't eat the local eggs either Phelana. But now buy them
            all the time and they are so fresh and taste great. Hard to go back to eating U.S. eggs .

            Plus eggs are so good for you with all of the protein.


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              All our iguana are free range..soup, stews, etc. I prefer not to eat it because they are so darn cute..