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  • Rohan

    Hi All,
    I am going to be in Bonaire for a week for diving. I grew up in asia and currently live in the middle of the US. Fresh ocean caught fish is not something I can not get where I live. I was looking for a place where I could buy fresh caught fish to make fish curry. I am looking for fish, crab and shrimp. I am told there is no "fish market" there and people sell fish out of their private homes. I am not interested in buying or promoting the purchase of fish that are in the endangered or "avoid" list. Just looking to get some freshly caught ocean fish, crab or shrimp. I will be there in the middle of may. Also is there is a place I can by indian grocery? eg: spices, curry leaves, fruits like jackfruit ect. Any suggestions will be welcome.

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    Fresh fish , Zarpin , tel. 796-5532 , best to go at late afternoon.