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New video: Wrecks, Rubble, and Reef

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  • New video: Wrecks, Rubble, and Reef

    We release a new A Diver's Life video and we have wrecks!

    Come dive of the coolest locations on the island - the stretch of reef between the dive site Something Special and Eden Beach. Witness some crazy fish behavior including a tile fish building a nest! We will take you to two forgotten wrecks and like much of the dive it is late in the day and our camera lights bring out amazing colors. You will see one really huge Green Moray too and much more. We even give you tips on how to dive it. But don't just take our word for it. Come watch it for yourself:

    Wrecks, Rubble, and Reef

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    That is a great Video Rich, I'm a very active chatter on the Harbour Village Reefcam Youtube Stream, and I'm sure the other chatters will love the info in this video, I often get asked questions on the area & fish that come in view. I can now simply refer them to this video (if that is ok with you?) nice addition of all the fish IDs too. Thank you very much

    Edit: when did you film this ? the Explore link to HV Reefcam is only showing Highlights.

    HV are now Streaming LIVE 24/7 on Youtube --->
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      What a great video and informative too.
      I very much enjoyed watching it.
      Thank you for taking the time of making this video and sharing it